Guniting and Shotcrete

Guniting & Shotcrete

The Premier Guniting & Shotcrete​​ Provider

Muscat Profiles LLC has more than a decade of experience in the field of Guniting and has moulded an expert Guniting team who are highly skilled in rendering concrete to most difficult structures with outstanding quality which makes us a leading player in this field.

Gunite is also known as shotcrete or pneumatically applied mortar. It is a mixture of Portland cement, sand and water, shot into the place by compressed air which provides an impervious layer of concrete. It can be used on vertical and overhead, as well as on horizontal surfaces and is particularly useful for surfaces which require high concrete strength to limit spalling or cracks.

This process is remarkably versatile and can be used to give virtually any shape to any element of a structure – curved, undulating, spheroidal and many more. This is a reason why this process is commonly adopted to add special features or shapes to swimming pools, spas, artificial caves & waterfalls etc. It is used in sculpting work as well.

The varied expertise in this field makes Muscat Profiles LLC an outstanding competitor for a large variety of work such as tunnel lining, refractory lining, slope protection, and repair works besides making it suitable for diverse uses in structures like tanks, dams, reservoirs, canals, docks, bridges, pipelines etc. We have successfully executed numerous Guniting projects in Oman and provide Guniting services for the following:

  • Slope stabilization
  • Dome Construction
  • Tunnelling
  • Retention walls
  • Water tanks and pools
  • Artificial ponds
  • Ditches and Channels
  • Secant Piles